Our environmentally conscious solutions

For caterers

restaurants, cafés, clubs, institutional catering

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For towns

municipalities, tourist regions, town operators

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For brand owners

brand owners, sponsors, sports clubs, music bands, beverage distributors

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For event organizers

concert venues, festivals, events

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As a participant or partner of a major music or sporting event, is your primary goal
brand building?

Promoting sustainability is not just a communication message, but also a responsibility.

We help you do this with our lifecycle monitoring system for RevoCups.

Are you looking for sustainable communication tools?

Would you like to associate your brand with an event?

Are you the manager of a team or artist with a large fan base?

Would you have a long-lasting merchandise product manufactured that can be recycled later?

Are you looking for an alternative to branded glass or disposable cups?

Our solution

Customizable to your brand

Sustainability is not only a common cause; it is a great brand message. Our cups can be used to represent your brand, event or music band, reinforcing the importance and responsibility of reuse and environmental awareness.

Full service

Our service covers all areas related to cups throughout the duration of our cooperation. From the design of the graphics to the production, logistics and washing.


RevoCups manufactured in Hungary can be reused up to 500 times. The environmental impact associated with each use (transport, washing up, packaging) is kept to a minimum.
We turn used and damaged cups into regranulate, which is later used to make composting and flower boxes, as well as event flooring.