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It's time to replace disposable cups
at your events!

> If you agree that the days of disposable cups and unnecessary waste are over and you are looking for a sustainable and environmentally conscious solution, now is the time to join!

Would you like to have cups with your own graphics at your events?

Do you only need a few thousand cups for an afternoon event, but immediately?

Do you have high waste disposal costs?

Are you looking for a sustainable, environmentally conscious solution?

Would you like a comprehensive service?

Our solution


Waste is environmentally damaging and also quite expensive. Re-purchased disposable cups are costly to transport, store and even dispose of, not to mention the time and energy wasted. Stop wasting money on waste!


RevoCups manufactred in Hungary can be reused up to 500 times. The environmental impact associated with each use (transport, washing up, packaging) is kept to a minimum.
We turn used and damaged cups into regranulate, which is later used to make composting and flower boxes, as well as event flooring.


By using RevoCups, you can reduce your labor and waste disposal costs: collecting glasses and washing up are no longer a chore, and you also save water and energy. Our system usage fees (dishwashing, logistics) are no higher than the cost of the constant purchase of disposable cups.

Full service

We provide you with one-round logistics for the delivery of clean and used cups which are washed in our ISO 9001 certified facility. You can count on us either in case of general cup rental or custom graphic cups.


Our HOBART dishwasher systems provide the most hygienic solution for cleaning and disinfecting our cups right from the start. In our lockable lidded crates, we transport RevoCups dust-free without the use of secondary packaging foil.

Interoperable and transparent

No festival cup must be used one single time anymore, as we operate the largest refund system in the country. Our tokens are valid at all of our acceptance locations, so you can be sure your guests can also use them elsewhere.
our uniform pricing and communication will help ensure transparency in the system.